Peter Turrini is one of the most important contemporary Austrian playwrights. His works are not only known in the German-speaking world, but have also been translated into over 30 languages and performed at theatres in almost all European countries, as well as on other continents. The transfer of literary texts into other linguistic and cultural areas brings with it a transfer into new contexts of understanding in which country or region-specific parameters are also effective.

Beyond frontiers

The essays in the anthology provide an insight into Turrini reception and theatre culture in nine countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France) and (with English) in ten languages. These studies are not only interesting for Turrini research, but also reflect, for example, literary canonization processes across language borders and the considerable influence of literature on the emergence of Austrian images in other countries. A comprehensive illustrated section complements the volume with prints of photos, posters and programmes from selected theatre productions.

From the Contents:

  • Christine Grond-Rigler, The International Reception of Peter Turrini’s Dramas


  • Erich Unglaub, Peter Turrinis Theater in Denmark
  • Elin Nesje Vestli, Not arrived yet – Peter Turrini’s stage reception in Norway and Sweden
  • Tanja Žigon, Urban Šrimpf, Peter Turrini and his reception in Slovenia
  • Rikard Puh, On the reception of Peter Turrini’s work in Croatia between 1970 and 1990
  • Silke Felber, "Drammaturgo austriaco di origini italiane" – On the Italian reception oft he playwright Peter Turrini
  • Juan Antonio Albaladejo Martínez, The theatre reception of Peter Turrinis in Spain
  • Małgorzata Leyko, "The Polish think differently." The Polish reception of death and the devil


  • Heinz Schwarzinger, On the history of Peter Turrini’s reception in France
  • Silvia Berutti-Ronelt, My experiences and problems while translating Turrini texts into French
  • Renée von Paschen, Peter Turrini’s Plays and Poetry in English Translation


  • Claude Brozzonti, Life is so Simple

Christine Grond-Rigler (editor): Zur internationalen Rezeption der Dramen von Peter Turrini, Studienverlag, (The Archives of Contemporary Arts, Writings Volume 3), 2016. Pages: 300, bound, numerous colored illustrations, ISBN: 978-3-7065-5525-8.

Further information: Studienverlag

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