Dr. Olga Kolokytha has been invited to join the Voices of Culture brainstorming session on the topic of “Culture and Creative Sectors Driving Green Transition and Facing the Energy Crisis.” Voices of Culture is the platform for dialogue offered to civil society by the European Commission which is inviting speakers from the cultural sector to voice their concerns on several issues.


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Kolokytha had been invited already before to talk about topics such as sigRe-Engaging Digital Audiences, International Cultural Relations and Audience Engagement via Digital Means. “We have worked together a lot in the past and they have asked me to join as a member of UWK. The selection is very strict, they usually choose less than 40 people from all Europe and very rarely they choose people from universities,” she says. The event will be hosted in Tartu, Estonia, on 15 and 16 June 2023, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2024. It is hosted in cooperation with the Goethe Institute.


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