06/12/2023, 20:00

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The lecture series aims to provide professionals and the interested public with the basics of cultural property protection and to discuss current developments.
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Kaiser, Head of the Center for Cultural Property Protection and Militia Officer in the Austrian Armed Forces, will give a lecture on 6th December entitled "Civil-Military Cooperation in Cultural Property Protection Exercises".

The Austrian Armed Forces have a long tradition of systematic cultural property protection and training:
In 1980, the Austrian Armed Forces were the first army in the world to issue an order for the protection of cultural property, thus fulfilling the requirements of the Hague Convention under international law. Military officers who bring their civilian expertise in this field to the Austrian Armed Forces serve as liaison officers for the military protection of cultural property.

The Center for Cultural Property Protection organises large- and small-scale cultural property protection exercises and staff exercises that include a focus on civil-military cooperation in the protection of cultural property. During the lecture, selected exercises will be presented with regard to scenarios, implementation and lessons learned.

The presentation will be held in German.

Zoom online meeting link 'Civil-military cooperation in cultural heritage protection exercises'

Our cultural property protection exercises, conducted in collaboration with emergency services and heritage protection organisations in a variety of settings, are a recurring feature of the Center's ongoing projects, and take place as part of our one-week summer schools. The exercises are aimed at museum, depot and collection professionals, conservators, emergency services, security personnel, those responsible for historic buildings and cultural heritage sites, as well as interested individuals.


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