Contributing to the SPUR project

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the SPUR research project up to now. The registration deadline for taking part in interviews and PhotoVoice is closed.


Aim of the SPUR research project

With the SPUR project, we want to find out how people with mental health issues see their current and previous housing situation/s and what improvements they would like to see in their living arrangements. The aim of the SPUR research project is to investigate housing conditions that have a positive effect on mental health. Based on our findings, we want to formulate recommendations for existing or future housing projects in Lower Austria. We understand a housing project to be a new form of communal living. People with mental health issues should be enabled to organise their lives in a self-determined way, recover and be supported in their own home. As a result of the SPUR project, concrete models for inclusive housing will be developed.


Joining the research

Participation in SPUR did occur in these ways:

  • Sharing experiences with housing in an interview. The length of the interview was about 1 hour (Interviews took place between January and March 2024),
  • Taking pictures of places, rooms or objects that are of importance to people with mental health issues. The period reserved for photographing is several weeks. Photos are then shown and discussed in one or two group discussions with other participants. The discussion will take about 2 hours. A preparatory workshop of about 3 hours will provide more information (PhotoVoice took place between April and May 2024).

The registration deadline for taking part in interviews and PhotoVoice is closed. We will inform you about further participative methods within SPUR on this website.

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