The Centre for Learning Systems Design and Transformation is dedicated to shaping innovative learning and teaching processes in the digital age, focusing on the agile development of systematic and efficient learning designs for lifelong learning. Digital transformation, which drives fundamental changes in work and organisational processes, necessitates innovative, technology-supported teaching and learning concepts, as well as a culture of lifelong learning. In this context, the objective is to integrate formal, non-formal, and informal learning and to develop innovative didactic concepts that optimally consider these various types of learning.

Simultaneously, the Centre focuses on the human-centred design of educational technology and its impacts on teaching and learning processes, particularly in continuing education. Emphasis is placed on embedding technical systems within a methodological-didactic context and analysing their effects. Multidisciplinary teams develop tools for digitally supported learning processes that are directly incorporated into educational programs.

Together, we are committed to transforming education in the digital age and meeting the requirements of an evolving society and economy.

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