08/05/2023, 10:00 - 09/05/2023, 17:30

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Audimax, SE 3.6 and Online


08.05. 10:00h Research workshop

To get to know and exchange research approaches to the topic of the 2nd Transdisciplinary Dialogue. Joint discussion of research desiderata and networks for future international projects (e.g. Erasmus+) with practice and research partners of the Department of Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies.


08.05 15:30h Conference

Education and health are two sides of the same coin for the life expectancy. Completed years of schooling are globally proven to be a kind of sustainable key to be able to unlock the gates of knowledge along the lifespan again and again and to achieve changes that affect health actions (Lutz & Kebede 2018). Adult education then helps to maintain, even realign and positively change educational attainment (Benefits of Lifelong Learning, BeLL). International medical-based research (especially the FINGER study) proves that continuing education can also succeed in older adulthood with a mix of nutritional counselling, exercise, and cognitive training to prevent or postpone the development of dementia.

The decisive factor, however, remains a well-planned start into formal learning - which is the subject of the second transdisciplinary dialogue on adult education. On the one hand, this event is about how to ensure the learning prerequisites of formal learning along the lifespan in an evidence-based way in the first place. On the other hand, we discuss how to strengthen the professions concerned (especially professionals in elementary education and social work), (who currently are in the "shortage status") are so extremely important and responsible for this crucial start of all children into lifelong learning. What is the supporting role of (scientific) continuing education? What can a transdisciplinary approach of adult education along the lifespan contribute: parent education, intergenerational dialogues, community work ... ? Let's work together to implement the right of all children to participate in education across the lifespan (SDG 4 https://www.sdgwatch.at/de/ueber-sdgs/4-hochwertige-bildung/) supported by transdisciplinary continuing education research!

09.05 15:00 Practical workshop

Part 1: How do I notice if a child lacks learning prerequisites and/or if prerequisites to be able to learn (formally) are already very well present? Practical experience and to try out: Recording learning prerequisites with eduLOG from LOGmedia

Part 2: What can a place for children to play, learn and retreat look like?Practical experience and to try out: KuWiH (play and retreat space for learners)

Part 3: Playing & moving for learning

Programme: Confernce

Moderation Ass.-Prof.in Dr. Filiz Keser Aschenberger and Claudia Caruso, BSc MSc (UWK) / DE and EN

Registration 15:00 - 15:30h


Welcome 15:30h

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Oppl, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture

Elementary Education. Securing learning prerequisites and sustainably promoting the joy of learning!

Lectures (DE/EN with respective translated PowerPoint slides):

  • Assoc.-Prof.in Dr. Serap Sevimli-Celik, PhD (Elementary & Early Childhood Education, Middle East Technical University, Turkey):
    Play for Learning and Wellbeing
  • Prof.in Dr. Julia Höke (Didactics and Methodology of Childhood Education & Social Work, Catholic University of Applied Sciences North Rhine-Westphalia):
    Research-based learning in fields of work of childhood education.
  • Univ.-Prof.in Dr. Monika Kil (Continuing Education Research and Educational Management, University of Continuing Education Krems):
    Ensuring learning prerequisites along the lifespan: Algorithm-, medical-based multilingual educational technologies.

In Transdisciplinary Dialogue Adult Education:

  • Univ.-Prof.in Dr. Stefanie Auer (Dementia Studies, University of Continuing Education Krems)
  • Dr. Arif Shala (AAB College, Civic Education and Principles and teaching methodologies for social sciences, Child Care and Welfare, Kosovo
  • Dr. Mgr. Milan Chmura (University of Ostrava, Department of Education and Adult Education, CZ)
  • Univ.-Prof.in Dr. Monika Kil (Continuing Education Research and Educational Management, University of Continuing Education Krems)
  • Eva Maria Mayr (em. Catholic Adult Educational Association, MAS Parent Education)
  • Dr.in Tosca Wendt (Head of school die bildungsakademie/modas dein kolleg für Sozialpädagogik)
  • Maria Köck, educator, expert advice Diakonie

This event takes place in design partnership with modas, dein kolleg für Sozialpädagogik, within the framework of the "Bachelor professional Social Work in Applied Educational and Social Sciences" and the "Bachelor professional Elementary Education in Applied Educational and Social Sciences" (subject to approval by the Senate of the UWK) and a certificate of attendance can be issued with appropriate preparation and follow-up



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