Collegial moderation: Monika Kil and Filiz Keser Aschenberger (UWK).
Date: May 8, 2023
Time: 10:00
Location: UWK Krems, Seminar room 3.6


To get to know and exchange research approaches to the topic of the 2nd Transdisciplinary Dialogue. Joint discussion of research desiderata and networks for future international projects (e.g. Erasmus+) with practice and research partners of the Department of Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies.


Serap Sevimli-Celik, PhD (Elementary & Early Childhood College of Education. 
Middle East Technical University, METU, Ankara/Turkey

Serap Sevimli-Celik is an Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkey, where she teaches Movement Education, Play Education, Outdoor Education and Creativity at undergraduate level and Embodied Learning at undergraduate and graduate level. She has written book chapters on activation and play pedagogy in early childhood. More recently, she has written articles on movement education, creativity, playfulness, and outdoor education in early childhood.

Recent publications:

Sevimli-Celik, S., & Canaslan, B. (under review). Play & learning in the woods: A 5-week nature experience for preschoolers.
Akdemir, K. & Sevimli-Celik, S. (under review). Brick Classroom & Block Classroom: Preschoolers' spatial and architectural design skills during constructive play.
Demirci Unal, Z., Mentese, Y., & Sevimli-Celik, S. (under review). Analyzing creativity in children's picture books.
Banko Bal, C., Akdemir, K., & Sevimli-Celik, S. (accepted). Giving children permission for risky play: Parental variables and parenting styles. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education.

There are two related events (SchnupperUni) after the research workshop to which we also cordially invite you: A transdisciplinary dialogue (8.5.23 15.30-17.30) and a practice event (9.5.23 15.00-17.00). All three events will take place in design partnership with modas, dein kolleg für Sozialpädagogik, within the framework of the "Bachelor professional Social Work in Applied Educational and Social Sciences" and the "Bachelor professional Elementary Education in Applied Educational and Social Sciences" (subject to approval by the Senate of the UWK) and, depending on participation and preparation and follow-up, a certificate of participation will be issued showing the respective learning outcomes achieved for later credit.

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