Date: May 9, 2023
Time: 15:00
Location: SE 3.6


Serap Sevimli-Celik, PhD (Elementary & Early Childhood College of Education.
Middle East Technical University, METU, Ankara/Turkey

and Dr. Monika Kil (Continuing Education Research and Educational Management, University of Continuing Education Krems)


Part 1: How do I notice if a child lacks learning prerequisites and/or if prerequisites to be able to learn (formally) are already very well present? Practical experience and to try out: Recording learning prerequisites with eduLOG from LOGmedia

For this purpose, we try out special pedagogically composed medical-based, multilingual software components (eduLOG) and jointly derive pedagogical support, which will then be implemented in Part 2.


Part 2: What can a place for children to play, learn and retreat look like?Practical experience and to try out: KuWiH (play and retreat space for learners)


Part 3: Playing & moving for learning

Being active in the first years of life is the most natural way for children to express themselves. As they move and play, children explore their environment, practice physical skills, and discover different ways of communicating with people and objects around them. When integrated into the daily curriculum, movement and play can be an effective way to enhance learning. In this workshop, participants* will engage in a variety of hands-on, active, playful, and creative activities that can be used in school to enhance children's learning.   

Note: Please come ready to move and play and wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

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