To increase Europe’s strategic autonomy in Rare Earth Elements (REE), REEsilience will address the entire value chain and reverse the frightening dependency on imported REE and permanent magnets. In a holistic approach, REEsilience will build a digitised, resource-efficient and resilient permanent magnets industry based on circular economy approaches and advancing recycling, material production, magnet making, and motor eco-design. The University of Continuing Education Krems will support magnet development with modeling of magnetic properties to ensure highest quality in raw material utilization, alloy composition and magnet production. The computer simulation enables the design of magnets with state-of-the-art and improved functionalities.


Synthetic microstructure for the simulation of magnetic properties and computed cascade-type demagnetization.


Duration 01/07/2022 - 30/06/2026
Funding EU
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Department for Integrated Sensor Systems

Center for Modelling and Simulation

Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Univ.-Doz.Dipl.-Ing.Dr. Thomas Schrefl



Micromagnetic study of the impact of grain boundaries on coercivity

REPM2023, 06/09/2023

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