As an answer to the societal challenges of the 21st century, our modern world today is increasingly shaped by digital communication and sensor networks. Digital data creation, processing, and networking are key issues for lifestyle gadgets as well as for high tech manufacturing plants. Research and development of innovative concepts for high performance sensors and sensor networks is at the heart of the department, providing solutions for a widespread range of applications, such as building management, industrial automation, medicine, traffic control, environmental monitoring, and multi-media and home appliances.

The diversified, interdisciplinary expertise of the department revolves around the core topics of the four research centers and includes sensor development and manufacturing in micro- and nanotechnology, microelectronics, function-, system-, and circuit integration, communication technology, and modelling/simulation. The department combines all scientific expertise necessary for the development of sensor systems from the transducer technology up to complex system integration aspects in a single research team, an asset not found elsewhere in Austria.

Current research activities focus on production monitoring, building automation, smart traffic systems, biomolecular diagnostics, spintronics, thermal sensors, magnetic materials and sensors, sensors for electric fields, hybrid microsystems, physical biosensors, data management and coordination in sensor networks, localization and clock synchronization, security in sensor networks. Key tools here are analytical and numerical modeling, the use of Artificial Intelligence, and the simulation and optimization of materials and sensor systems.

Head: Hubert Brückl

Department for Integrated Sensor Systems



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