Univ.-Prof Dr. Hubert Brückl

Danube University Krems

About the person

Hubert Brückl graduated in Physics and received his PhD in 1992 from the University of Regensburg. After positions at the Technical University of Darmstadt until 1994, the Institute of Solid State and Material Research (IFW) in Dresden until 1998, the Department of Thin Films and Nanostructures at the University of Bielefeld and a research sabbatical at Siemens AG, he got his habilitation in 2004. From 2005 on, he was head of the business unit “Nano Systems” in the Health & Environment Department at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna. In 2013, he joined the Department for Integrated Sensor Systems at the Danube University Krems. His scientific interests cover thin films, charge transport in solid state, magnetism, sensors, micro- and nanotechnology.

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Suess, D.; Bachleitner-Hofmann, A.; Satz, A.; Weitensfelder, H.; Vogler C.; Bruckner, F.; Abert, C.; Prügl, K.; Zimmer, J.; Huber, C.; Luber, S.; Raberg, W.; Schrefl, T.; Brückl, H. (2018). Topologically Protected Vortex Structures to Realize Low-Noise Magnetic Sensors with High Linear Range. Nature Electronics, Vol. 1: 362-370

Weitensfelder , H.; Brueckl, H.; Satz, A.; Suess, D. (2018). Noise Characterization of Vortex-State GMR Sensors with Different Free Layer Thicknesses. MDPI Proceedings 2018, Vol. 2: 1013

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Mitteramskogler, T.; Haslinger, M. J.; Shoshi, A.; Schrittwieser, S.; Schotter, J.; Brueckl, H.; Muehlberger, M. (2018). Fabrication of nanoparticles for biosensing using UV-NIL and lift-off . Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 10775: 107750Y

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Shoshi, A.; Reichl, W.; Niessner, G.; Maier, T.; Brueckl, H. (2016). Wavelength-Selective Metamaterial Absorber for Thermal Detectors. AMA Conferences, Proceedings in AMA Conferences 2015 SENSOR 2015 and IRS 2015: 251-256

Shoshi, A.; Maier, T.; Brückl, H. (2016). Enhanced wavelength-selective absorber for thermal detectors based on metamaterials. Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems, 5(1): 171-178

Bruckner, F.; Bergmair, B.; Brückl, H.; Palmesi, P.; Buder, A.; Satz, A.; Suess, D. (2015). A device model framework for magnetoresistive sensors based on the Stoner–Wohlfarth model. Elsevier, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials: 344-349

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Schrittwieser, S.; Ludwig, F.; Dieckhoff, J.; Tschoepe, A.; Guenther, A.; Richter, M.; Huetten, A.; Brueckl, H.; Schotter, J. (2014). Direct Protein Detection in the Sample Solution by Monitoring Rotational Dynamics of Nickel Nanorods. Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany)

Maier, T.; Bach, D.; Müllner, P.; Hainberger, R.; Brückl, H. (2013). Antireflective surface structures in glass by self-assembly of SiO2 nanoparticles and wet etching. Opt. Express, 21: 20254--20259

Schrittwieser, S.; Ludwig, F.; Dieckhoff, J.; Soulantica, K.; Viau, G.; Lacroix, L.; Lentijo, S.; Boubekri, R.; Maynadié, J.; Huetten, A.; Brueckl, H.; Schotter, J. (2012). Modeling and development of a biosensor based on optical relaxation measurements of hybrid nanoparticles. ACS nano, 6: 791--801

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Wavelength Selective Metamaterial Absorber for Thermal Detectors

MNE 2015, 23/09/2015

Magnetoresistive sensors and magnetic nanoparticles applied to biomolecular diagnostics

Faculty Colloquium, Christian-Albrecht University, 06/07/2014

Thermally Actuated Passive Bistable MEMS Switch

MESS 14 Vienna, 09/05/2014

Nanostructures and Surfaces

Lecture at Hochschule Kärnten, Master Course "Bionics for energy management", Villach, WS 2013/14, 02/12/2013

Magnetoresistive sensors and magnetic nanoparticles applied to biomolecular diagnostics

Opening ceremony, Christian Doppler Laboratory “Future Magnetic Sensors and Materials”, Vienna University of Technology, 15/10/2013

Magnetoresistive sensors and magnetic nanoparticles applied to biomedical diagnostics

JEMS 2013, plenary talk, Rhodos, Greece, 27/08/2013

Nano-engineered materials for sensor applications

BIOSUN workshop, National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania, 17/06/2013

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