Digitalization, IoT (Internet of Things), Industry 4.0, ... All these trends require sensors to connect the physical world with the digital world. The result is a rapidly increasing number of sensors and an exponentially growing complexity of data connectivity.

In order to create the required intelligent distributed sensor systems from individual sensors, it is not enough to just connect them in a single network. Scalability, real-time capability, security or interoperability with existing systems (vertical integration) are important key features that need to be additionally guaranteed. Particularly challenging are the highly limited resources of the embedded sensor systems.

Researchers at the center are working to integrate sensors efficiently into embedded systems, to intelligently process data already at the sensor to avoid unnecessary data transmission, to obtain more reliable sensor data, and to equip sensors with key additional functions such as localization, machine learning or autonomous decision making. The aim is to holistically optimize sensor systems for their applications and to enable seamless integration from simple sensor networks to backbone networks.

The Center for Distributed Systems and Sensor Networks focuses on:

  • Integration of sensors into embedded and networked sensor systems
  • Data management and coordination in sensor networks
  • High precision localization and clock synchronization
  • Security in sensor networks
  • RFID as sensors

Leader: Albert Treytl

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