Optical and Fluorescent Sensors

Optical and Fluorescent Sensors

Optical and fluorescence based sensors have a broad range of applications such as in R&D, in medical diagnostics, and for environmental monitoring. Challenging is the design and optimization of an optical sensor system for a particular application, which needs a detailed knowledge in material physics, optics, and simulations.

Our research is focused on the development of optical and fluorescence sensor-platforms for biomedical and environmental purposes based on high sensitive fluorescence detection and thermal-lens spectrometry for quantification of microorganisms/water pathogens and trace substances. All aspects for the development of an optical sensor platform are covered by the group, starting by the optimal detection technology and sensor configuration, data signal processing, and the system integration together with fluidics and microfluidics. Each step in the development of optimized optical sensor systems is supported by analytical methods and high performance numerical simulations.

Contact:  Martin Brandl


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