On July 17th, 2023, an interview with Harald Özelt was published on scilog, the magazine of the Austrian Science Fund FWF. The article delves into the application of artificial intelligence to optimize strong magnets for the energy transition. Harald elaborates on the team's goal to reduce reliance on rare earth elements while enhancing magnet performance for electric motors and generators. The interview highlights Harald's two projects, DeNaMML and DataMag, which explore the nanostructure of individual magnetic grains and their interactions in magnetic systems with various chemical compositions. The article garnered attention from other newspapers and platforms such as ORF, APA, Die Presse, Bild, Jungfrauzeitung, Studium.at, Salzburger Nachrichten, Nau.ch, resulting in various versions being published. The research team extends its gratitude to the Austrian Science Fund for providing a platform to showcase their research.

The research team would like to thank the Austrian Science Fund for providing a platform to present their research.

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