The Center for Regenerative Medicine is working on creating and developing tissue engineering methods. The main focus of the research in this center is the development of alternative therapies and the improvement of already existing therapies for orthopedic problems of the musculoskeletal system. Within this framework, the center is working on different cell culture methods and cell resources. Furthermore, the center is investigating organic material for its biocompatibility and cell-matrix interaction. The center is especially concerned about the practical use of these tissues in clinical settings and to their technical feasibility as well as their ethical justification. The Center for Regenerative Medicine strives to integrate its new knowledge and concepts with the methods of industrial processing. Together with partners from the industry, the center wants to develop business models and create cost-effective tissue engineering in a greater socio-economical context. 

Head: Univ. Prof. Dr. Stefan Nehrer

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PhD Regenerative Medicine

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