Stefan Nehrer

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Nehrer, MSc

Dean - Faculty of Health and Medicine

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Otahal, A.; De Luna, A.; Mobasheri, A.; Nehrer, S. (2023). Extracellular Vesicle Isolation and Characterization for Applications in Cartilage Tissue Engineering and Osteoarthritis Therapy. In: Humana Press, Cartilage Tissue Engineering: 123-140, Springer Protocols, United States of America

Bauer, C.; Moser, L.B.; Jeyakumar, V.; Niculescu-Morzsa, E.; Kern, D.; Nehrer, S. (2022). Increased Chondroprotective Effect of Combining Hyaluronic Acid with a Glucocorticoid Compared to Separate Administration on Cytokine-Treated Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes in a 2D Culture. Biomedicines, 10: doi:10.3390/biomedicines10071733

Chen,K.; Stotter, C.; Klestil, T.; Nehrer, S.; (2022). Artificial Intelligence in Orthopedic Radiography Analysis: A Narrative Review. Diagnostics, 12(9):2235: 10.3390/diagnostics12092235

Stotter, C.; Reiter, E.; Schretter, W.; Reuter, P.; Nehrer, S.; Klestil, T. (2022). Influence of the femoral entry point for intramedullary alignment in total knee arthroplasty: A computer - aided design approach. Joint Diseases and Related Surgery, 33 (2): 1-9

Bauer, C.; Göcerler, H.; Niculescu-Morzsa, E.; Jeyakumar, V.; Stotter, C.; Klestil, T.; Franek, F.; Nehrer, S. (2021). Biotribological Tests of Osteochondral Grafts after Treatment with Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines. Cartilage, Epub ahead of print: 10.1177/1947603521994900

Jeyakumar, V.; Amraish, N.; Niculescu-Morzsa, E.; Bauer, C.; Pahr, D.; Nehrer, S. (2021). Decellularized Cartilage Extracellular Matrix Incorporated Silk Fibroin Hybrid Scaffolds for Endochondral Ossification Mediated Bone Regeneration. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(8):

Kazunori Shimomura, Hidetoshi Hamada, David A Hart, Wataru Ando, Takashi Nishii, Siegfried Trattnig, Stefan Nehrer, Norimasa Nakamura (2021). Histological Analysis of Cartilage Defects Repaired with an Autologous Human Stem Cell Construct 48 Weeks Postim-plantation Reveals Structural Details Not Detected by T2-Mapping MRI. Cartilage, 13(1_suppl): 694S-706S

Kuten-Pella, O.; De Luna, A.; Kramer, K.; Neubauer, M.; Nehrer, S.; Lacza, Z. (2021). Regenerative Potential of Blood-Derived Products in 3D Osteoarthritic Chondrocyte Culture System. Curr Issues Mol Biol, 43(2): 665-675

Moser, L; Bauer, C.; Jeyakumar, V.; Niculescu-Morzsa, E.; Nehrer, S. (2021). Hyaluronic Acid as a Carrier Supports the Effects of Glucocorticoids and Diminishes the Cytotoxic Effects of Local Anesthetics in Human Articular Chondrocytes In Vitro. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22: 10.3390/ijms222111503

Nehrer, S.; Neubauer, M. (2021). [Possibilities and limits of conservative treatment for osteoarthritis : Sport advice, training therapy, orthotics and cartilage therapeutics]. Orthopäde, 50(5): 346-355

Neubauer, M.; Nehrer, S. (2021). Apophyseal injuries in sports. Orthopade, 50(2): 163-171

Olmos Calvo, I.; Fodor, E.; Kardos, D.;Hornyák, I.; Hin-senkamp, A.; Kuten-Pella, O.; Gyevnár, Z.; Erdélyi, G.; Bárdos, T.; Mirkó Pau-kovits, T.; Magos, K.; Béres, G.; Nehrer, S.; Lacza, Z. (2021). Pilot Clinical Study of Hyperacute Serum Treatment in Osteoarthritic Knee Joint: Cytokine Chang-es and Clinical Effects. Curr Issues Mol Biol., 43(2): 637-649

Olmos Calvo, I.; Kuten-Pella, O.; Kramer, K.; Madár, À.; Takács, S.; Kardos, D.; Simon, D.; Erdö-Bonyár, S.; Berki, T.; De Luna, A.; Nehrer, S.; Lacza Z. (2021). Optimization of Lyophilized Hyperacute Serum (HAS) as a Regenerative Therapeutic in Osteoarthritis. Int J Mol Sci, 22 (14): 7496

Otahal, A.; Kramer, K.; Kuten-Pella, O.; Moser, L.; Neubauer, M.; Lacza,Z.; Nehrer, S.; De Luna, A. (2021). Effects of Extracellular Vesicles from Blood-Derived Products on Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes within an Inflammation Model. Int J Mol Sci., 22(13): 7224

Otahal, A.; Kuten-Pella, O.; Kramer, K.; Neubauer, M.; Lacza, Z.; Nehrer, S.; De Luna, A. (2021). Functional repertoire of EV-associated miRNA profiles after lipoprotein depletion via ultracentrifugation and size exclusion chromatography from autologous blood products. Sci Rep., 12;11(1): 5823

Stotter, C.; Nehrer, S.; Klestil, T.; Reuter, P. (2021). [Autologous chondrocyte transplantation with bone augmentation for the treatment of osteochodral defects of the knee : Treatment of osteochondral defects of the femoral condyles using autologous cancellous bone from the iliac crest combined with matrix-gu. Operative Orthopädie und Traumatologie, Dezember: 1-14

De Luna, A.; Otahal, A.; Nehrer, S. (2020). Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles - Silver Linings for Cartilage Regeneration? Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 8:593386: 10.3389/fcell.2020.593386

Filardo, G.; Andriolo, L.; Angele, P.; Berruto, M.; Brittberg, M.; Condello, V.; Chubinskaya, S.; de Girolamo, L.; Di Martino, A.; Di Matteo, B.; Gille, J.; Gobbi, A.; Lattermann, C.; Nakamura, N.; Nehrer, S.; Peretti, GM.; Shabshin, N.; Verdonk, P.; Zaslav, K.; Kon, E. (2020). Scaffolds for Knee Chondral and Osteochondral Defects: Indications for Different Clini-cal Scenarios. A Consensus Statement. Cartilage, 15: 10.1177/1947603519894729.

Kon, E.; Engebretsen, L.; Verdonk, P.; Nehrer, S.; Filardo, G. (2020). Autologous Protein Solution Injections for the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis: 3-Year Results. Am J Sports Med, 48(11): 2703-2710

Otahal, A.; Kramer, K.; Kuten-Pella, O.; Weiss, R.; Stotter, C.; Lacza, Z.; Weber, V.; Nehrer, S.; De Luna, A. (2020). Characterization and chondroprotective effects of extracellular vesicles from plasma- and serum-based autologous blood-derived products for osteoarthritis therapy. Front Bioeng Biotechnol, Sep 25: 584050

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Extracellular vesicles from blood derived products for cartilage repair

ASEV/GSEV Joint Meeting, 28/10/2022

Current concepts akute und chronische Knorpelläsionen

38. Arthroskopiekurs Arosa, 07/12/2021

PRP und Co- update Blutprodukte- Forschung und Therapie

GOTS Webinar "Regenerative Therapien", 24/11/2021

Aging of the joint and cartilage – What can we do?

18th medi European Sportorthopedics Symposium, 12/11/2021

Bio-tribology and cartilage repair

7th Congress of Indian Cartilage Society, 30/10/2021

Neues aus der Arthroseforschung

. rheuma.orthopädie-aktiv Kongress "Bewegungsfreude ist Lebensfreude", 23/10/2021

Artificial Intelligence in musculoskeletal radiology

36th Annual Research Meeting of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association (RMJOA 2021), 15/10/2021

Sport mit Endoprothesen

Harbacher Orthopädietage 2021 - Die Hüfte von A-Z, 02/10/2021

Regenerative Medizin bei Koxarthrose – Chondroprotektion von PRP bis HA

Harbacher Orthopädietage 2021 - Die Hüfte von A-Z, 02/10/2021

Evidenz zum Einsatz der regenerativen Medizin?

38. AGA Kongress, 10/09/2021

Knorpelchirurgie beim Sportler

GIZ Sommersport/ Physiotage, 09/07/2021

Artificial Intelligence In Imaging Of Locomotor System - Does It Help?

Virtual EFORT Congress 2021, 02/07/2021

Gelenkveränderungen durch Sport –Detaileinsichten der Spitzensportbetreuung

Sportärztekongress, 11/06/2021

Sportverletzungen im Kindesalter

GOTS Webinar, 02/06/2021

Krankheitsbild „Arthrose“: Gelenkerhaltende Therapien

6. PRAEVENIRE Gesundheitstage, 18/05/2021

Is microfracture still an up-to-date cartilage procedure?

ESSKA@Home Congress, 14/05/2021

Biotribological tests of osteochondral grafts after treatment with pro-inflammatory cytokines

International Conference on Biotribology, 27/04/2021

Adaptationsmechanismen und Belastungsgrenzen am Bewegungsapparat

OTP I Grundkurs, 09/04/2021

Komplexe Rekonstruktionen in der Knorpelchirurgie

GOTS – Österreich Treffen, 27/03/2021

Artificial Intelligence in knee osteoarthritis diagnostic

2nd International Knee Day, 12/03/2021

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