Ass.Prof. Dkfm. Dr. habil Attila Pausits

Danube University Krems

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Kivistö, J.; Pekkola, E.; Pausits, A. (2019). Academic careers and promotions in Finland and Austria: System and institutional perspectives. In: Mahat, M.; Tatebe, J., Achieving Academic Promotion: online first, Emerald Publishing Limited, UK

Zenk, L.; Hynek, N.; Schreder, G.; Zenk, A.; Pausits, A. & Steiner, G. (2018). Designing Innovation Courses In Higher Education Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. International Journal of Management and Applied Research, Vol. 5, No. 4: pp. 245-263

Pausits, A. (2018). Continuing education and university lifelong learning in changing and dynamic environments. In: Mandic, V., Conference on the third mission of the university- Proceeding: 121-130, University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac

Pausits, A. (2018). Die dritte Mission als institutionelles Handlungsfeld der Universitäten. Eine systemische Bestandsaufnahme der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung in Österreich. In: Nino Tomaschek, Katharina Resch, Die Lifelong Learning Universität der Zukunft.Institutionelle Standpunkte aus der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung: 167ff, Waxmann, Münster

Pausits, A.; Roessler, I. (2018). Die dritte Mission. Wissenschaft & Management (DUZ), 10: 36-41

Kivistö, J.; Pekkola, E.; Pausits, A.; Reisky, F.; Mugabi, H. (2017). Policy impacts on human resource management in higher education – A comparison between Austria and Finland. Paper presented at the CHER 30th Annual Conference in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Mugabi, H.; Pekkola, E.; Kivistö; J.; Pausits, A.; Reisky, F., Susanj, Z. (2017). The Functions of Human Resource Management in Higher Education Institutions: A Literature Review. Paper presented at the EAIR 39th Annual Forum in Porto, Portugal

Pausits, A.; Reisky, F.; Humer, R. (2017). Career tracks for academic staff in teaching-intensive, practice-oriented universities. The case of Danube University Krems . Paper presented at the EAIR 39th Annual Forum in Porto, Portugal

Pritchard, R.M.O.; Pausits, A.; Williams, J. (Hg.) (2016). Positioning Higher Education Institutions - From Here to There. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam

Pausits, A. (2016). The Austrian Reform of the Fachhochschulen. In: Huisman, J.; de Boer, H.; Westerheijden, D.F.; Vukasovic, M.; Seeber, M.; File, F., Policy Analysis of Structural Reforms in Higher Education: 31-51, Palgrave Macmillan, London

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Positioning higher education institutions towards the third mission: The (re)definiton of the social contract in the Danube Region

Ownership and Leadership in the Danube Region, IMC Krems, Österreich, 29/11/2018

Vorstellung eines Benchmarking-Instruments zum Vergleich von Personalmanagement-Praxis an Hochschulen

Prozesse und Professionalität im Personalmanagement an Hochschulen , Wien, Österreich, 27/11/2018

Prozesse im Personalmanagement an Hochschulen – Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt HRMinHEI

Prozesse und Professionalität im Personalmanagement an Hochschulen, Wien, Österreich, 27/11/2018

Dual Studies in Higher Education: An International Comparison of Africa and the European Union (EU)

EAIR Conference Budapest (Hungary), 28/08/2018

Overview of EHEA policies in the field of LLL

Policies and Practices in Lifelong Learning at Universities, Budapest, Hungary, 25/06/2018

Kooperation und Profilbildung – Perspektiven und (Ver)Handlungsräume an Hochschulen

Happy Together? Effizienz und Spezialisierung durch Hochschulkooperation in Management und Administration; Wien-Klosterneuburg-Poysdorf-Brünn, 14/06/2018

Bridging the gap: University lifelong learning and refugees’ educational transitions

EUCEN Annual Conference, Bergen, Norwegen, 07/06/2018

European Issues in Higher Ecucation

Educational Policy Series, Athens, Georgia, USA, 23/05/2018

Ranking und Qualität

Doktoratsstudium Nursing & Allied Health Sciences, 10/04/2018

Towards the Third Mission - Universities in Transition and the Case of Danube University Krems

SLIHE Public Lecture, Eichstätt, Deutschland, 06/03/2018

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