The project "The Academic Profession in the Knowledge-Based Society (APIKS)" is investigating in a comparative, international study:

  • the working conditions in science and
  • the attitudes of scientific and artistic staff in higher education institutions towards topics in the fields of research, teaching and learning, knowledge and technology transfer and participation in institutional governance.

The project involves research teams from more than 30 countries (including Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Russia, South Korea and the USA).

Within this framework, the project "APIKS Austria" investigates the situation in Austria. In a comprehensive study, scientists and artists at universities and higher education institutions are asked to share their view on the above mentioned topics. The study can help to improve working conditions at higher educations institutions and support the development of the Austrian higher education system. Due to the international integration, the results can also be interpreted in international comparison.


Duration 01/04/2020 - 30/09/2022

Department for Higher Education Research

Principle investigator for the project (Danube University Krems) Univ.-Prof. Dkfm. Dr. habil Attila Pausits
Project members Priv.-Doz. Dr. Mag. David Friedrich James Campbell Florian Reisky, M.A. MA

Project team

Cooperation partner

apiks nicolaie götze

Nicolai Götze, MA
International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER-Kassel), University of Kassel            

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apiks christian schneijderberg

Dr. Christian Schneijderberg
International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER-Kassel), University of Kassel

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