Ass.Prof. Dr. Gabriel M. Lentner

Danube University Krems

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Publications (Extract Research Database)

Lentner, G.M. (2018). The UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court: The Referral Mechanism in Theory and Practice. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham

Lentner, G.M. (2018). The EU Legal Framework and Investor-State Dispute Settlement. Romanian Journal of Arbitration, 47: 13

Lentner, G.M. (2018). Investitionsschiedsgericht als "Gericht eines Mitgliedstaats"? Ecolex, 4: 381ff

Lentner, G.M. (2018). The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights through International Investment Agreements. Korean Arbitration Review, 9: 30

Lentner, G.M. (2018). Treating Data as Property? A View from International Investment Arbitration. Medienrecht International (MR-Int), 2: 71

Lentner, G.M. (2018). Nomos and Narrative: The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in international Investment Law. Stanford Transatlantic Technology Law Forum Working Paper Series, 34: 1

Krimphove, D.; Lentner, G. (2017). Law and Logic: Contemporary Issues. Duncker & Humblot, Berlin

Lai, H.; Lentner, G.M. (2017). Paving the Silk Road BIT by BIT: an Analysis of Investment Protection for Chinese Infrastructure Projects under the Belt & Road Initiative. In: Julien Chaisse; Jedrzej Górski, The Belt and Road Initiative: Law, Economics and Politics: 205, Brill, Leiden

Lentner, G. (2017). Logic and the Analysis of Legal Arguments in Public International Law. In: Krimphove, D.; Lentner, G., Law and Logic: Contemporary Issues: 163-181, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin

Lentner, G.; Ratka, T. (2017). §95 BWG. In: Dellinger, M., BWG-Kommentar (4. Aufl.), MANZ, Wien

Ratka, T.; Jost, L.; Lentner, G.; Wrbka, S. (2017). Legal Certainty and Abuse of Loopholes in the Context of Transnational EU Company Law . In: Fenwick, M.; Siems, M.M.; Wrbka, S., The Shifting Meaning of Legal Certainty in Comparative and Transnational Law, Hart-Publishing, Oregon

Ratka, T.; Lentner, G. (2017). §94 BWG. In: BWG Kommentar (4. Aufl.), MANZ, Wien

Fina, S.; Lentner, G. (2017). The European Union's New Generation of International Investment Agreements and its Implications for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. The Journal of World Investment & Trade, Vol. 18, Issue 2: 271-305

Lai, H.; Lentner, G. (2017). Paving the Silk Road BIT by BIT: An Analysis of Investment Protection for Chinese Infrastructure Projects Under the Belt & Road Initiative. Transnational Dispute Management Journal (TDM), 3: 1-25

Lentner, G. (2017). United States – Measures Concerning the Importation, Marketing and Sale of Tuna and Tuna Products in Wouters/Calster, Oxford Reports on International Trade Law Decisions . Oxford Reports on International Trade Law Decisions

Lentner, G. (2017). Juristische Argumente und deren rationale Kritik: Die logokratische Methode . Juridikum: Zeitschrift für Kritik - Recht - Gesellschaft, 2: 196-206

Lentner, G. (2017). Litigating Patents in Investment Arbitration: Eli Lilly v Canada. Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 12: 815-816

Lentner, G. (2017). David Kennedy: A World of Struggle: How Power, Law, and Expertise Shape Global Political Economy . Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law, 1: 169-176

Lentner, G.M.; Parycek, P. (2016). Electronic identity (eID) and electronic signature (eSig) for eGovernment services – a comparative legal study. Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, 10(1): 8-25

Ratka, T.; Lentner, G. (2016). Entwicklungslinien der Europäisierung des Verbraucherschutzrechts und Konsumentenbegriffs. In: Ratka, T.; Jost, L., Ausgewählte Praxisfragen des neuen Verbraucherrechts: 51-78, Verlag Österreich

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

“The Perils of Quantitative Research inInternational Law”

Paper presentation at the Visiting Researcher/Scholar Colloquium, Harvard Law School, USA, 18/09/2019

“Beyond Cynicism and Critique: International Law and the Possibility of Change”

Paper presentation at the CynicalInternational Law?Conference at Freie-Universität Berlin, Germany, 06/09/2019

Global Governance and the Platform Economy

International research workshop on the legal implications of the platform economy, Danube University Krems, 24/08/2019

Know Your Place! ISDS and the RelationshipBetween IP and Investment Chapters

Society of International Economic Law/PEPIL Conference, King´s College London, 30/05/2019

Analysing the Strengths and Weaknesses ofArguments in International Arbitration


Beyond Cynicism and Critique: InternationalCriminal Law and the Possibility of Change

American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, ICL-IG Business Meeting, Washington DC, 29/03/2019

Sustainability and Data: Global Governance in the Digital Age

Agenda conference ‘Social-ecologic sustainability research’, German Ministry for Science and Education, FONA, Kassel, Germany, 19/09/2018

International Law and Power: Kein Imperativ ohne Imperator

Hegemony in the International Order, Transnational Theory Network and the European Society of International Law, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, 11/06/2018

Implications of the Achmea Decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Juridical Days Olomouc 2018, University of Olomouc, Czech Republic, 25/05/2018

International Law and Power: Kein Imperativ ohne Imperator

Power and International Law Workshop, Northwestern University American Bar Association, Chicago, USA, 04/05/2018

Nomos and Narrative: The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in International Investment Law

Cofola International 2018, Masaryk University Centre, Czech Republic, 20/04/2018

Can/Should Data be treated as Property? Lessons from International Investment Arbitration

Research Group Meeting "Legal Implications of the Platform Economy", WU Wien, 12/03/2018

Analyzing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Legal Arguments

Lecture Series of the Tribunal de Espirito Santo, Brazil, 21/02/2018

Measurement in quantitative research in international law: problems and suggestions

Neglected Methodologies of International Law, University of Leicester, UK, 31/01/2018

The Logocratic Method and Arguments in Public International Law

Law and Logic Conference, Paderborn University , 03/11/2017

Dispute Resolution in Public-Private Partnerships

Making Public-Private Partnerships Work, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung & International Republican Institute, Panama , 27/10/2017

Völkerrecht im Diskurs

Forum Völkerrecht im Diskurs , 14/09/2017

Let the Giant Sleep: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights through International Investment Agreements

ICDR Y&I Roundtable @ FDI Moot Regional Rounds, Seoul National University , 10/08/2017

Transforming Institutions: UN Security Council Referrals to the International Criminal Court

Cambridge International Law Conference 2017, Cambridge University, Cambridge , 24/03/2017

International Law and Power: Kein Imperativ ohne Imperator

Postkoloniale Perspektiven auf die Vereinten Nationen - 7. UN-Forschungskolloquium, 11/03/2017

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