Höfler Margit

Mag.Dr.habil. Margit Höfler, BA

Center for Dementia Studies

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Höfler, M.; Kieslinger, T. (2022). Inhibition of Return in visual search does not rely on spatial working memory. Advances in Cognitive Psychology, 18: 2-8

Höfler M.; Bauch S. A.; Liebergesell, K.; Gilchrist, I. D.; Ischebeck, A.; Körner, C (2021). Saccadic and manual response time data on inhibition of return during and after a visual search. Data in Brief, 39: 107565

Ischebeck, A.; Hiebel, H.; Miller; J.; Höfler, M.; Gilchrist, I.D.; Körner, C. (2021). Target processing in overt serial visual search involves the dorsal attention network: A fixation-based event-related fMRI study. Neuropsychologia, 153: 107763

Höfler, M.; Bauch, S.A.; Englmair, E.; Friedmann-Eibler, J.; Sturm, C.; Ischebeck, A. (2021). The effect of different spatial working memory loads on visual search. C. Pracana & M. Wang, Proceedings of InPACT 2021, 2021: 354-358, inScience Press, Lisboa

Auer, S.; Höfler, M. (2021). Demenzprävention. Von der Reaktion zur Aktion. Ärztekrone, 1-2: 14-15

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Braun, A.; Kurzmann, P.; Höfler, M.; Haber, G.; Auer, S. (2020). Cost of care for persons with dementia: using a discrete-time Markov chain approach with administrative and clinical data from the dementia service Centres in Austria. Health Economics Review, 10: 29

Auer, S.; Höfler, M.; Wortman, M. (2020). Dealing with Dementia: Prevention, Timely Detection and Awareness Coordinated Efforts in Europe Between East and West. (Abstracts of the 2nd Krems Dementia Conference Virtual). Universität Krems, Krems

Auer, S.R.; Ratajczak, P.; Span, E.; Höfler, M. (2020). Timely diagnosis of dementia in rural areas in Austria: the Dementia Service Centre Model. In: Remote and rural dementia care: 103-126, Policy Press, Bristol

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Braun, A. (2020). Was kostet uns die ambulante Demenzversorgung? Simulation der Krankheitskosten unter Nutzung eines Discrete-Time-Markov-Chain-Models. In: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsökonomie, Abstract Book: Wettbewerb und medizinische Innovation: 12. DGGÖ Jahrestagung: 229, DGGÖ, Wuppertal

Höfler, M.; Liebergesell, K.; Gilchrist, I.D.; Bauch, S.A.; Ischebeck; A.; Körner, C. (2019). Post-search IOR: Searching for inhibition of return after search. Acta Psychologica, 197: 10.1016/j.actpsy.2019.04.017

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Höfler, M.; Hübel, B. (2018). Missing targets in multiple-target search. In: Psychology Applications & Developments III: 247-256, inSciencePress, Lissabon

Höfler, M.; Kogler, W.; Ischebeck, A. (2018). Do time-related cues shift spatial attention? C. Pracana & M. Wang, Proceedings of Inpact 2018: 474-478

Pürcher, P.; Höfler, M. (2018). Technology meets Psychology: Psychological Background in Virtual Realities. P. Biljanovic, Proceedings of MIPRO 2018: 709-713

Lectures (Extract Research Database)


Niederösterreichs 1. Aktionstag Hirngesundheit - Vorsorge Alzheimer und Demenz, 12/09/2022

The effect of item relevance in visual search on saccadic inhibition of return

ECVP 2022, 01/09/2022

The effects of interruption on a subsequent visual search in the same environment

ECVP 2022, 01/09/2022

Demenz.Aktivgemeinde. Das Online Lernprogramm für Gemeindebedienstete

4. Arbeitstagung der Plattform Demenzstrategie, 17/05/2022

On the way to a dementia-competent society in Austria: E-Learning for different professional groups

31st Alzheimer Europe Conference, 01/12/2021

The Krems Arts Education & Dementia Initiative (KAEDI) – Increasing Scientific Evidence

31st Alzheimer Europe Conference. Resilience in dementia, 01/12/2021

How do relatives of people with severe dementia experience episodes of lucidity?

3rd Krems Dementia Conference, 29/10/2021

Mission Dementia & Dementia.Active Community

3rd Krems Dementia Conference, 29/10/2021

Building an Evidence Base – the Krems Arts Education & Dementia Initiative (KAEDI)

3rd Krems Dementia Conference From Reaction to Action, 29/10/2021

Inhibition of return facilitates visual search as long as inhibition of return is not measured

European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP), 26/08/2021

The effect of different spatial working memory loads on visual search

InPact 2021, 26/04/2021

The effects of interrupting a visual search on oculomotor adaptation to target-defining features

Virtual Psychonomics 2020 Annual Meeting, 19/11/2020

Why social care matters. The economics of dementia care in Austria.

2nd Krems Dementia Conference, 17/11/2020

Dementia friendly police: An update

2nd Krems Dementia Conference, 17/11/2020

Methodische Anmerkungen zur gesundheitsökonomischen Bewertung der Demenzversorgung

23. wissenschaftliche Tagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Public Health (ÖGPH), 17/11/2020

Dementia Active Community

2nd Krems Dementia Conference, 17/11/2020

Dementia Service Centres in Austria- an update

Saskatchewan Research Summit 2020, 09/11/2020

Dementia Service Centres in Austria: Timely diagnosis, treatment and economic impact

CROCAD 2020 Virtual, 15/10/2020

Does current and prospective item relevance guide visual search?

Virtual Working Memory Symposium, 02/06/2020

Does current and prospective item relevance guide visual search?

Virtual Working Memory 2020 Symposium, 02/06/2020

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