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Höfler, M.; Kieslinger, T. (2022). Inhibition of Return in visual search does not rely on spatial working memory. Advances in Cognitive Psychology, 18: 2-8

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Niederösterreichs 1. Aktionstag Hirngesundheit - Vorsorge Alzheimer und Demenz, 12.09.2022

The effect of item relevance in visual search on saccadic inhibition of return

ECVP 2022, 01.09.2022

The effects of interruption on a subsequent visual search in the same environment

ECVP 2022, 01.09.2022

Demenz.Aktivgemeinde. Das Online Lernprogramm für Gemeindebedienstete

4. Arbeitstagung der Plattform Demenzstrategie, 17.05.2022

On the way to a dementia-competent society in Austria: E-Learning for different professional groups

31st Alzheimer Europe Conference, 01.12.2021

The Krems Arts Education & Dementia Initiative (KAEDI) – Increasing Scientific Evidence

31st Alzheimer Europe Conference. Resilience in dementia, 01.12.2021

How do relatives of people with severe dementia experience episodes of lucidity?

3rd Krems Dementia Conference, 29.10.2021

Mission Dementia & Dementia.Active Community

3rd Krems Dementia Conference, 29.10.2021

Building an Evidence Base – the Krems Arts Education & Dementia Initiative (KAEDI)

3rd Krems Dementia Conference From Reaction to Action, 29.10.2021

Inhibition of return facilitates visual search as long as inhibition of return is not measured

European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP), 26.08.2021

The effect of different spatial working memory loads on visual search

InPact 2021, 26.04.2021

The effects of interrupting a visual search on oculomotor adaptation to target-defining features

Virtual Psychonomics 2020 Annual Meeting, 19.11.2020

Why social care matters. The economics of dementia care in Austria.

2nd Krems Dementia Conference, 17.11.2020

Dementia friendly police: An update

2nd Krems Dementia Conference, 17.11.2020

Methodische Anmerkungen zur gesundheitsökonomischen Bewertung der Demenzversorgung

23. wissenschaftliche Tagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Public Health (ÖGPH), 17.11.2020

Dementia Active Community

2nd Krems Dementia Conference, 17.11.2020

Dementia Service Centres in Austria- an update

Saskatchewan Research Summit 2020, 09.11.2020

Dementia Service Centres in Austria: Timely diagnosis, treatment and economic impact

CROCAD 2020 Virtual, 15.10.2020

Does current and prospective item relevance guide visual search?

Virtual Working Memory Symposium, 02.06.2020

Does current and prospective item relevance guide visual search?

Virtual Working Memory 2020 Symposium, 02.06.2020

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