The key strategy “Expansion of international activities” is anchored in the university’s strategic framework, dedicated to mobility and cross-border cooperation. Global learning and global engagement are promoted via multiple international mobility, cooperation, and research projects, aiming to ensure that all interested individuals, regardless of their social and economic background, are given access to quality education while being made aware of the world‘s cultural heritage and its diversity, as well as of the associated global responsibility.


The concrete fields of action and measures for implementation entail:

Field of action: Geographic dimension

  • Measure: (Further)Developing the strategic geographic internationalization focus zones

Field of action: Curricular and extracurricular mobility

  • Measure: Creation of additional opportunities and framework conditions for curricular and extracurricular mobility

Field of action: Internationally available research

  • Measure: Strengthening research and making it internationally available

Field of action: Inclusion and diversity

  • Measure: Ensuring the inclusion of all staff members in mobility activities
  • Measure: Enhancing outgoing student numbers and ensuring the inclusion of all groups in mobility activities, focusing on short-term and blended mobility   

Field of action: Digitalization

  • Measure: Digitalization of the administrative processes in the Erasmus+ program in line with the time schedule of the European Commission 

Field of action: Sustainability

  • Measure: Developing an incentive system for the use of environmentally friendly transport for and during mobilities 

Field of action: Internationalisation at Home

  • Measure: Developing framework conditions for an Internationalisation at Home concept 
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