Seven graduates of the PhD program Regenerative Medicine and the first graduate of the PhD program Migration Studies received the title PhD - Doctor of Philosophy during an academic ceremony.

In his welcoming speech, Friedrich Faulhammer, Rector of the University for Continuing Education Krems, emphazied that the title "PhD" can be ascribed to the signing of the so-called Bologna Declaration. With this agreement, the establishment of a common European higher education area had begun. Its objective was and is the creation of greater visibility of the European higher education system in the global competition for students, researchers, and teachers. Since the the University for Continuing Education Krems was granted the right to confer doctoral degrees in 2014, it has also contributed to this goal. Its first two PhD programs, Regenerative Medicine and Migration Studies, were accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria, or AQ-Austria, in spring 2015.

Prof Stefan Nehrer, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medicine, introduced the seven PhD graduates of his faculty and underlined that the goal is to support PhD students in their development as researchers. During the PhD program in Regenerative Medicine, the students dealt with methods and therapies for diseases that have been difficult or impossible to treat up to now. These include cell therapies, for example in the regeneration of skin or cartilage, and extracorporeal therapies for the treatment of sepsis.

Prof Mathias Czaika, head of the PhD program Migration Studies, introduced his first graduate Dino Pitoski, MSc, PhD. His dissertation's central initial question was how migration can be effectively managed and what information needs to be available to do so. The focus was on migration movements and migration factors in the European in the European Union, on which there was little prior research from a network analysis perspective.

The graduates of the PhD studies

The graduates of the two PhD programs are Markus Neubauer, PhD; Alexander Otahal, PhD, MSc; Matthias Pilecky, PhD, MSc; Bojana Simlinger, PhD, MSc; Agnes Kocsis, PhD, MSc; Markus Pasztorek, PhD, MSc; Christoph Stotter, PhD and Dino Pitoski, MSc, PhD.


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