We start our support portfolio with individual consultation. We identify the right funding instrument, discuss the tasks and services required for preparing the application and develop a concept for the organisation of the application phase. In this way, we guarantee support that is specially tailored to the requirements of the researchers. 

Proposal development

  • Identify suitable funding instrument for the research project
  • Discuss eligibility criteria and eligibility conditions
  • Identify participation options in individual funding programmes
  • Support in finding the right research partners (academic, industrial, clinical)
  • Advise on the composition of the project team

Proposal writing

  • Define responsibilities of the consortial partners
  • Create a concrete schedule for the timeline of project submission
  • Brief on the research strategy of the funding agency
  • Create application templates
  • Coordinate and communicate with internal departments 
  • Assist in writing individual sections for the proposal 
  • Administer and structure the entire application process
  • Communicate with external consultants and the national contact points
  • Provide support for logo design, web design, graphic design
  • Final check of the application for consistency and accordance with the formal criteria

Proposal submission

  • Obtain all necessary signatures (internal, external)
  • Support with submission via online platforms (FFG eCall, EU Funding and Tenders, FWF elane)

Find the support portfolio

Researchers from the University find our support portfolio in the Intranet

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