Deep Talk – Master your skills in EU grant writing

Logo Podcast Deep TalkA podcast for students, researchers and research managers who want a more conscious and clearly structured approach to preparing proposals in Horizon Europe. We talk to various stakeholders (evaluators, research managers, multipliers, researchers, scientific writers) about the preparation, writing and submission of project applications for Horizon Europe, the world's largest funding program for research and innovation (2021 - 2027). 

„Preparing, writing and submitting research funding proposals is a major hurdle for many researchers. With the new podcast series Deep Talk, we will get you ready for the next EU funding application.“

Katrin Kaineder & Miriam Peinhaupt

Cohead Office for Grant Aquisition


In episode 1 we talk to Dr. Nikolaos Floratos, EU funding expert, on the second most important part of an EU funding application, the impact part. 
The following questions are addressed in more detail:
1) Why is impact important for the EU Commission? 
2) How to structure the impact section? 
3) What is the exact meaning of specific terms like "Scale, Significance, Potential Barriers"? 
4) How should the impact part be addressed for the best possible evaluation? 

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