Johann Michael Haydn - life and works


Michael Haydn's life and work have been the subject of a number of publications, starting with the biographical sketch by Werigand Rettensteiner, contemporary and friend of Michael Haydn, written around 1808, a short publication by Otto Schmied in 1906 and an extensive biography by Hans Jancik from 1952, as well as a richly illustrated biography by Gerhard Croll and Kurt Vössing from 1987. However, there are no modern publications. In addition, the source and research work of the Johann Michael Haydn Society Salzburg and the Institute for Musicology at the University of Salzburg has produced a number of individual publications in the context of the work on the history of music in Salzburg, which focus on special aspects of M. Haydn's work (such as Manfred Hermann Schmid, Ernst Hintermaier, Gerhard Walterskirchen, and others).This project is preparing an extensive publication on the life and work of Johann Michael Haydn in collaboration with the Haydn Region Niederösterreich, Johann Michael Haydn Society and the Archabbey of St. Peter.


Duration 09/11/2018 - 31/08/2020
Funding Bundesländer (inkl. deren Stiftungen und Einrichtungen)
Program Projektförderung

Department for Arts and Cultural Sciences

Center for Applied Music Research

Principle investigator for the project (Danube University Krems) Dr. Eva Maria Stöckler


Stöckler, E.M.; Brandtner, A. (2020). „... dauert ewig schön und unveraltet ...“ Johann Michael Haydn – kein vergessener Meister! Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag, Wien

Stummvoll, G. (2020). Gedanken, Assoziationen, Erinnerungen - Johann Michael Haydn im Spiegel der Zeit. In: Eva Maria Stöcker, Agnes Brandtner, "... dauert ewig schön und unveraltet ..." Johann Michael Haydn. Kein unvergessener Meister: 35-40, Hollitzer, Wien

Stöckler, E. M. (2020). Haydn Re:Corded – 70 Jahre Aufnahmen von Joseph Haydns „Die Schöpfung“. In: Walter Reicher, Original – Interpretation – Rezeption. Referate dreier Haydntagungen. 373-386, Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag, Wien

Stöckler, E. M. (2020). „... dauert ewig schön und unveraltet ...“ Johann Michael Haydn – kein vergessener Meister! In: Stöckler, E. M., Brandtner, A., „... dauert ewig schön und unveraltet ...“ Johann Michael Haydn – kein vergessener Meister! 17-20, Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag, Wien

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