The PROMISE project aims to promote innovative learning and teaching practices to link theory and practice in higher education, strengthening the capacity of teachers to support students in professionalisation in the field of entrepreneurship. For this purpose, the method "Professional Noticing" is tested. Professional noticing refers to the ability of professionals to perceive situations in the work environment and to use their observations to make well-founded decisions and actions in everyday work. In the project, the transdisciplinary component of professional noticing for the professionalisation of different occupational groups will be elaborated and applied to entrepreneurship. The aim of the project is for students to develop professional noticing competences so that they can act more entrepreneurially. This project goal is to be achieved through teacher training and the piloting of new learning and teaching scenarios: • The PROMISE team develops a "starter kit" to support university lecturers in integrating Professional Noticing into their courses. • The kit includes freely available online resources as well as workshop and coaching formats. The aim is to enable students to apply professional noticing in their daily work environment. For this purpose, existing learning and teaching methods, evaluation procedures and learning outcomes are analysed and adapted to enable the successful professionalisation of students in the field of entrepreneurship through "Professional Noticing". • These new learning and teaching scenarios will finally be piloted and accompanied by research to gain new insights into the use of professional noticing in the field of entrepreneurship. This is an area where there is still a gap in research and the PROMISE team would like to contribute to closing this gap.


Duration 01/01/2023 - 31/12/2025
Funding EU

Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies

Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Lifelong Learning

Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Isabell Grundschober, BEd, BSc, MA
Project members Madlen Gschwantner Susanne Lippl Dr. Stephanie Nestawal
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