The Center for Applied Music Research offers cutting-edge study programs, specific training opportunities and further education within numerous music professional fields. Thanks to our modular teaching system we're able to recruit only the most qualified professionals and academics in the fields at hand, allowing for curriculum flexibility, keeping track of recent developments and international networking.

We've got experience in many fields pertinent to the industry; therefore we are in a position to coordinate very powerful and up-to-date-curriculums, based not only on scientific knowledge but also on expensive experience in the industry.

Our academic research focuses on cultural heritage topics within the music field including challenges and opportunities emerging through technological innovations and societal behaviors.

Head: Mag. Dr. phil. Eva Maria Stöckler



Zentrum für Angewandte Musikforschung beim ersten Jazz Showcase in Brünn

Gottfried Zawichowski nimmt als Delegierter des Zentrums für Angewandte Musikforschung von 28. bis 29. Juni 2021 am ersten Central European Jazz Showcase in Brünn (CZ) teil.

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