• Graduation

    Master of Business Administration - MBA

  • ETCS-Points


  • Learning format

    Blended learning

  • Duration

    4 semesters, part time

    possible variants

  • Costs

    EUR 23.900,--

  • Admission requirements

    Bachelor's degree and professional experience

  • Language


TAKE OFF TO YOUR FUTURE CAREER. Aviation connects people all over the globe and delivers products wherever they are needed. However, aviation is an industry exposed to severe risks because of its complexity, its global reach, its effects on the climate and its dependency on technical and technological developments. In order to master these challenges today´s and future aviation leaders and experts need a solid academic and industry-specific education. The MBA Specialization “Aviation Management” is one of the very few of its kind in Europe. The focus of the scientific-based Specialization lies on imparting Aviation Management and Business knowledge with a strong practical orientation. It aims to find answers for the essential and most pressing managerial and economic questions confronting the aviation industry – be it Airlines, Airports, Air Traffic Management, Aircraft Manufacturers or international Aviation Organizations. The Program is intended to make an essential contribution to the students’ professional and leadership development and to help them cope with the daily challenges of their careers. It is possible to attend the "Aviation Management" Certificate Program first. The Modules completed can be credited in terms of content and financially for the MBA Program” at a later date.

Aviation Management knowledge and leadership skills are crucial for the next Aviation generation – the blended learning concept, the excellent faculty and the transfer of personal knowledge in class foster the careers of the students immensely.

Peter Malanik

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Benefit from our study program

  • The Aviation Management Program has forged a reputation in the Aviation industry through its solid academic Aviation specialization and its links to managers working in the aviation industry through our renowned faculty and our alumni network.
  • The blended learning concept, the quality of teaching and the small class sizes make us stand out.
  • We provide a unique learning environment where students are encouraged to develop their personality, creativity and skills as next generation leaders. 
  • Our state-of the art industry-program has allowed us to instill an enterprising culture into our modules which has resulted in the Business School’s reputation as being focused on professionally experienced and motivated students from an academic point of view.
  • Being accredited by ACBSP and being a member of PRME stand for a permanent supervision of the curriculum. 
  • Our graduates are highly appreciated in the Aviation industry, be it the private or the public sector. 


  • flexible

  • innovative teaching methods

  • accredited/certified

logoACCREDITED: The continuing education study program is accredited by ACBSP. In addition, Danube Business School is a member of the PRME Initiative of the United Nations.

Blended learning option

  • General Management Core Curriculum (Blended Learning)
  • Specialization (Blended Learning)

Continuing education tuition fee: EUR 23,900

Distance learning option

  • General Management Core Curriculum (Distance Learning - German only)
  • Specialization (Blended Learning)

Continuing education tuition fee: EUR 16,900

The program comprises a total of 90 ECTS credits. The part-time variant lasts four semesters, the full-time variant three semesters. Admission is possible at any time.

The Core Curriculum is offered as an online distance learning variant (German only) and as a blended learning variant (German or English). The specialization is exclusively offered in English language as a blended learning variant.

The four specialization modules can also be booked as a Certificate Program in "Aviation Management".

The "MBA" program comprises a total of 90 ECTS credits. The curriculum consists of 12 compulsory modules, amounting to 36 ECTS credits, and elective modules totaling 15 ECTS credits. Additionally, students must choose a specialization worth 24 ECTS credits. The modules for specialization are determined by the curriculum of the Certificate Programs in effect at the time of completion. Finally, students must complete a thesis worth 15 ECTS credits. The selection of core curriculum modules and specialization electives is to be documented in a separate agreement (Learning Agreement), signed by the student and the academic director, and appended to the student's record. This agreement serves as the basis for examinations. It also specifies which modules will be completed through distance learning and which through blended learning mode.


Aviation Management

The focus of the scientific-based Specialization lies on imparting Aviation Management and Business knowledge with a strong practical orientation. It aims to find answers for the essential and most pressing managerial and economic questions confronting all sectors of the aviation industry. The Specialization modules of the blended learning program are taught in English over the period of one year. The face-to-face units onsite foster an intensive exchange of knowledge and experiences with renowned faculty members and professionally experienced fellow students from the industry.

  • Contents

    • Montreal Convention, Passenger Rights
    • ICAO, EASA, EU Aviation Policy
    • Digitalization in the Airline Business
    • Airline Cooperation Concepts
    • Airline Start-up and Business Aviation
  • Contents

    • Airline Financial Management and Performance Measurement
    • Airline Business Models and Competitive Strategies
    • Airline Business Planning: Revenue Management, Fleet- and Route Planning
    • Pricing, Product and Distribution
    • Airline Managing People
  • Contents

    • Aeronautical and Commercial Functions
    • Globalization and Networks
    • Airport Financials
    • Airport Capacity and Slot Management
    • Sustainable Airports and Intermodality
  • Contents

    • Fundamentals of ATM and ATC and Future Systems
    • Cost Base of the ATM System
    • European Air Traffic Flow Management
    • ATM Perspective from an Airline
  • Contents

    • Sustainable Development and Aviation Industry
    • Climate Change and Aviation, Carbon Accounting, Noise Management
    • Innovation Competences
    • Cybersecurity in Aviation
    • System Risks and Insurance in the Aviation Business






Here you can find more information about the MBA study program.

Moduls Overview

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Admission requirements

  • Students who have an Austrian or equivalent foreign university degree of any relevant higher education studies of any subject (at least a Bachelor-degree) and
  • Minimum of two years of professional experience and
  • English language skills C1 as well as the positive completion of the selection procedure at Danube Business School.


First steps to studying at the University for Continuing Education Krems

Interested in applying for admission to the "MBA with specialization in Aviation Management"? If so, please follow the enrolment procedure described below:

Application process

  1. Contact us to clarify your expectations of the study program and to check the admission requirements
  2. Online application (enter the study code UM 999 071 in the online tool).
  3. Carrying out the selection procedure (interview with the director of studies)
  4. Admission to the degree program

We look forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you soon at the University for Continuing Education Krems.

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