Students will acquire the ability to analyze data with statistical methods gaining new insights into business performance as well as learning to interpret statistical output. They will develop skills in using Excel for analysing business issues.
Students will gain knowledge in the fundamentals of designing a statistical study, how to sample and collect data, and which statistical techniques are appropriate for the type of hypothesis that they want to test. Furthermore students will develop and refine decision-making skills by basing decisions upon the outcome of statistical tests. They will be capable of applying appropriate analytic tools and techniques to resolve complex business analytics problems in various industry sectors and domains.
Thus, students will be able to analyze real world scenarios and select the appropriate type of analytical problem solving techniques to utilize. They will be able to apply correctly a variety of statistical procedures and tests as well as to understand the reasoning/basis behind a statistical test. Additionally students will be capable of interpreting a statistical output including its validity.
Moreover students will gain an understanding of qualitative research methods such as interviews, observations and content analysis, as well as the ability to identify appropriate research methods.

Graduation Certificate of attendance
ECTS points 3
Participation fee EUR 385.00
10/01/2024 - 11/01/2024

23/02/2024 - 24/02/2024
Language germanEnglish
Location University for Continuing Education Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30, 3500 Krems