We offer a wide spectrum of consulting services for the foundation phase of a business as well as for internal innovation phases. Our support services include a range of services from foundation consulting on the personal level all the way to the implementation phase at the organizational level. Our consulting activities are interdisciplinary and solution oriented and they consist of the following different components: guiding the process of generating ideas, strategy development, analysing markets, creating future businesses, creating business concepts and creating financial plans.

Aside from coaching people who want to found a business, our support services help build up organizational structures and help put innovative business ideas into action. Our given roles begin by being a “sparring partner” of the customer and include personal coaching for specialized consulting all the way to process consulting.

We are oriented towards systemic consultation methods and especially towards the integration of specialty (branch) and process consulting.

We have created the following specific internal seminar programs to supplement this wide range of consulting services.

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