Danube University Krems' Department of Management and Economics has a broad national and international network with other universities and scientific institutions.
As part of partnership and cooperation programs, network synergies are created that enable the participants to offer internationality and flexibility in the choice of study location as well as to gener-ate international knowledge transfer.
Thus in recent years, an intensive infrastructure of academic cooperation has developed from which a broad range of different cooperation programs have arisen. 

Study aim of the "Professional MBA" university course in cooperation with the Verwaltungs- und Wirtschafts-Akademie Ostbayern e.V. in Regensburg is the transfer of know-how in general man-agement as well as in industry-specific management for future managers from different technical areas.

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To assume first managerial responsibility after graduation is a goal and a challenge at the same time for most academics. Budget responsibility, competitive factors, the overview of organizational structures and human resource development as general management's leadership duties also demand sound business qualification in addition to undergraduate studies. The General Management MBA program offers aspiring young managers the opportunity to acquire basic business, legal, and social knowledge for career entry.

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The course “Management and Leadership skills, MBA” in cooperation with the “Akademie der Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer” (Academy of Tax Consultants and Auditors) supplements the specialized course for tax consultants with theory and soft skills needed in leadership. The participants bring their leadership and management competencies to the next level or prepare for tasks required in executive positions in the area of tax consultant and auditing. Responsibilities, roles and requirements towards leadership are especially looked at.

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