University for Continuing Education Krems' Department of Management and Economics has a broad national and international network with other universities and scientific institutions.
As part of partnership and cooperation programs, network synergies are created that enable the participants to offer internationality and flexibility in the choice of study location as well as to gener-ate international knowledge transfer.
Thus in recent years, an intensive infrastructure of academic cooperation has developed from which a broad range of different cooperation programs have arisen. 

MBA programs have been offered for more than 10 years in cooperation with the Academy of Administration and Economics of Eastern Bavaria (VWA).

With scientifically founded, state-of-the-art know-how and practical business content, the Master's program contributes to professional, technical and personal development and improves your chances of career advancement. In addition to acquiring or deepening key business skills, the program also focuses on strengthening the skills needed to take on or assume leadership roles.

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In cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology / TU Wien, a General Management MBA programme has been offered for more than 20 years. The aim is to provide prospective managers with a business-oriented, practical general education, particularly those with a technical or scientific background.

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AESE Business School, the first School of Business and Management in Portugal established in 1980, has been a long-term partner of UWK, providing innovative and cutting-edge executive programs.


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