Danube Business School offers a range of partial scholarships for its Blended Learning programs to the students.

1/3 scholarships for female students
As a contribution to women’s advancement and to increase the number of female students in the MBA courses, Danube Business School awards scholarships for women, amounting to one third of the study fee.
1/3 scholarships for male students 

For the advancement of Austrian male students, Danube Business School offers scholarships covering one third of the tuition fee under the following condition: the individual must study in full-time mode, cannot apply tax deductibility due to lack of income and does not receive any other financial support for the study program. 

50% scholarships for students from emerging markets
Danube Business School offers scholarships for citizens of countries with emerging markets.


These scholarships are not available for all programs of Danube Business School. Please ask the coordinator of your program of interest for further details.

A written application for scholarships (informal letter) must be submitted together with the program application.

Different types of scholarships cannot be combined. Scholarships of Danube Business School will only be granted under the condition that the student does not receive any other additional financial support (i.e. sponsoring by the employer or employment office).

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