11/10/2019, 09:30 - 17:00

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Wirtschaftskammer Österreich | Rudolf-Sallinger-Saal | Wiedner Hauptstraße 63 | 1045 Wien


Given massive changes in the music industry business models in the past 20 years, the music industry is demanding pragmatic solutions and immediate actions towards achieving potentially sustainable and more equitable business models for all involved parties: music makers, distributors, music consumption platforms.

How can such business models actually look like? How can digitalization and new technologies be meaningfully used in business? What can the music industry learn from the film and media industry in this regard?

We cordially invite you to an open, candid and healthy debate on those aspects with the goal of identifying reasonable and realistic solutions with internationally reknowned speakers such as:

Eyal Bruck
(digital media and entertainment expert, tech start-up entrepreneur, artist manager)

Natalie Denk
(Head of the Center for Applied Game Studies at Danube University Krems)

John Groves (international sound branding expert, composer, music rights advocate for ECSA)

Sean Hickey
(Senior Vice-President of Sales and Business Development at Naxos America)

Miguel Kertsman
(composer, music producer, record industry executive & music technology consultant)

Judith Merians
(top international Hollywood attorney and media affairs executive: Regent Entertainment, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures…)

Micki Meuser
(bord member at GEMA, film music composer and producer)

Marija Milovanovic
(founder and CEO of Lemonade Films, former co-managing director of Vienna Shorts Agency)

Thomas Wallentin
(leading exponent on IP Law in Europe and China)



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