The Master of Arts program Music for Applied Media starts in May 2021. We offer an advanced, part-time study program for composers, producers, sound and media artists, musicians and musicologists looking for careers in music supporting film, games, TV, and new linear or interactive media. Our flexible curriculum combines practical training with theoretical knowledge, management disciplines, and aesthetics.


We’ll offer our students the ability to visit and work at various studio and audio facilities in order to have an optimized hands-on experience supplementing the classroom and online lectures, and seminars with focus on aesthetics, theoretical knowledge and management disciplines.

As such, students can approach disciplines such as Recording, Sound Design, Signal Processing, and Synthesis among others, with an equally powerful practical, hands-on fashion. Since music supporting media encompasses a wide range of genres and styles, students will avail of expert lab instruction at different facilities with focus on Acoustic, Hybrid and Non-Acoustic recording, true Analog Synthesis, Digital Signal Processing, among others.

Specific facilities and lecturers are announced prior to each pertinent course module.

Covid-19 Update

Apply Now - Program start moved to May 2021

We are excited to offer our unique part-time Master of Arts Program in Music for Applied Media providing participants with a wide-scope and international academic experience, including hands-on, theoretical, management, and aesthetics disciplines.

In order for us to best implement the hands-on modules at studio facilities or on-campus in accordance with current Covid-19 health-safety precautions; and given the current status reports and predictions for the upcoming Winter; we have decided to “ride the storm” and postpone the start of the program to May 2021.

Feel free to call or drop us a line anytime to know more or discuss your career goals!


Music for Applied Media

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