Miguel Kertsman held seminars at the Music Academy in Accumoli

The Center for Applied Music Research at Danube University Krems, represented in situ by its Master of Arts Program Director, Miguel Kertsman, has conducted seminars at the Music Academy in Accumoli in August 2021 working with an international group of young musicians:

Program Director Miguel Kertsman explains:

“It has been a genuinely great pleasure working with such a fine, enthusiastic and talented group of young musicians from across Europe. We have had a chance to discuss important topics such as career development, self-management, and communications skills, as well as better understanding acoustical environments around ourselves in order to further enhance and support our music making. Part of our academic mission at the Center for Applied Music Research at Danube University Krems is to bring those important career development and management aspects into the learning repertoire of younger musicians – essential skills to possess for the 21st Century musician. Moreover, the community re-building aspect of the project is absolutely wonderful. It was a matter of great joy for all involved – the local residents and community, the visiting young musicians and artists, the visiting faculty and senior university representatives – all engaging in the spirit of re-building and reconstruction through the gift of music. One could feel the happiness from the locals in the air, their gratitude, and indeed ours for being part of such a noble and human endeavor.”  


Gruppenfoto: Studierende Accumoli - Accademia Vicino

The orchestra academy in Accumoli gave talented young professional musicians the opportunity to gain in-depth experience in orchestral playing under the guidance of experienced lecturers. In the course of this intensive orchestral training, the academy participants developed a repertoire of orchestral works that was performed in five concerts as part of the “Festa della Musica di Accumoli 2021”.

Musicians up to a maximum age of 29 years who are in an advanced stage of training (bachelor's degree) or who are already working as professional musicians were entitled to participate in the academy.

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