The Center for Museum Collections Management conducts research on material evidence from the world of art, culture and nature. Above and beyond specimen-related research, the different approaches to collecting are placed on a theoretical level for discussion and developed further.


The Center for Museum Collections Management’s primary research approaches focus on the museum pieces and collections of the Regional Collections of Lower Austria (Landessammlungen Niederösterreich) or specimens and collections corresponding with these. Research projects and research topics are based on single collections as well as spanning other collections, in close collaboration with other universities, non-university research institutions and museums at home and abroad.

The restoration and preservation sciences, also a part of the Center for Museum Collections Management, aim to persistently improve the preservation, integrity and accessibility of specimens. Developing new methods, technologies and materials guarantee sustainable, high-quality management and preservation of museum collections.

Advanced research tasks particularly include digitizing collections and innovatively presenting them on virtual platforms.


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