As part of the one-day workshop, the Center for Cultural Property Protection, together with the Austrian Registrars Committee (ARC), hosted the RMCH Multiplier Event on Cultural Property Protection and Emergency Planning in the Bassano Hall of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.


Experts gave presentations on the theory and practice of cultural property protection and shared their personal experiences. Dr Anna Kaiser opened the event with her presentation "Emergency Planning and Risk Management for Cultural Property as a Response to Diverse Threat Scenarios", highlighting the importance of professional risk management in cultural institutions. She covered a wide range of topics, from a general definition of cultural property protection to the practical implementation of risk management measures in cultural institutions and the cooperation of different stakeholders and emergency services in the event of a crisis.
Her presentation focused on the results of the Risk Management for Cultural Heritage project in terms of hazard and emergency planning, the importance of professional risk managers for the protection of cultural heritage, and the CHARISMA Web App for risk assessment developed as part of the project.

The event was an informative and important opportunity to exchange views on cultural heritage protection.


RMCH Multiplier Event

Dr Anna Kaiser's presentation is available on our YouTube channel.


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