On 25 April, the Slovenian Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC) organised the "Cultural Heritage Protection Online Workshop", specially designed for the members of the EU Mission in Armenia (EUM Armenia). The Center for Cultural Property Protection provided assistance in designing the content of the training and laid the foundation for the other thematic blocks of the day with an introduction to the topic.

The workshop provided a unique training opportunity for members of EUM Armenia and aimed to equip mission members with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect cultural heritage.

Over the course of the day, participants were introduced to a variety of topics ranging from legal basics, identification of cultural property, methods and techniques for protection in the field, reporting and monitoring, to discussions on current issues and challenges faced by individual missions.

The high demand from other EU monitoring missions (such as the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia) and the participation of a total of 31 people in the training underlines the importance of cultural property protection for the EU and in the field.

Among other things, the POTC provides training programmes for civilian experts who can be deployed in UN, EU, NATO and OSCE peacekeeping operations and missions.

EUM Armenia is a civilian mission of the European Union under the Common Security and Defence Policy on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Its mission is to monitor and report on the situation on the ground in order to contribute to human security in conflict areas. It also supports confidence building between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


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