Department for Integrated Sensor Systems


Spintronics, meaning "spin transport electronics", exploits the intrinsic spin of electrons, in addition to their electronic charge, in solid-state devices like sensors.

Especially the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and the tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) increasingly gain in importance and market volume. Such sensors are applied, e.g., as speed detectors in cars or magnetic marker detectors in biomolecular diagnostics. GMR and TMR are looked upon as key technology for the future development in magnetic field sensors, at large.

The researchers at DISS utilize special simulation tools (micromagnetic modeling, extended Stoner-Wohlfarth model, COMSOL) in order to optimize the sensors. In general, research efforts target sensor parameters like sensitivity, sensor size, dynamic range, linearity, bandwidth, power consumption and signal-noise-ratio. The level of integration is becoming increasingly important for magnetic sensor manufacturers to differentiate their product and to target various new applications.

The special measurement equipment at DISS allows for an extensive characterization, including magnetoresistance, magnetization, magnetic susceptibility, and noise features in dependence of a linear or rotating magnetic field and temperature.

Projects: CD-Lab, LAMPION

Contact: Hubert Brückl


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