The library is now offering DOIs for members of the University for Continuing Education Krems. A “Digital Object Identifier” enables your online publication to be permanently referenced and precisely assigned on the Internet using a numerical code. This will be created for you by the library and sent to you. We then anchor your document (as full text or as a link) with the DOI in our repository DOOR.


How do I receive my DOI?

Contact us at You will receive your DOI after a short consultation regarding the process.

What is the exact process?

Every DOI needs a stored URL where the online object can be found or downloaded. This basically results in two possibilities:

  1. Your document is completed and already available online:

In this case, we ask that you submit the URL - an active DOI can be generated immediately and sent to you.

  1. Your document is not yet finished and/or not yet available online:

In this case you will also immediately receive a DOI, but it cannot yet be activated. However, you can already integrate it into your document and specify it as an identifier. The DOI will be activated as soon as your document is available online and the corresponding URL has been sent to us. Of course, it is also possible to publish your document in our repository DOOR and store the resulting permalink in the DOI.

What else does the library need from me?

Metadata of your object is registered during DOI generation, activation and upload to DOOR. For individual documents, the DOI service is happy to read out this metadata from your submitted document. For a larger number of documents, we ask that you contact und eventually support us in good time in order to make this work process efficient.

Are there any costs?

The DOI assignment and all associated work steps are a service of your university library and are free of charge for you.

The University of Continuing Education Krems encourages its researchers to publish their scientific work in the spirit of open access.


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