Welcome to DOOR, the repository of the University of for Continuing Education Krems!

A repository is an institutional online platform that offers free access to publications in the sense of open access. All full-text publications in DOOR can be used and downloaded by anyone interested without any restrictions and without a login. As a publication platform, DOOR is available to all members of the University for Continuing Education Krems. When documents are recorded, they receive a digital identifier, which increases their citability and makes them findable via various search services, such as Google. In addition, by being included in the repository, obligations towards sponsors of OA publications are also met. By meeting all quality criteria, DOOR is listed on OpenDOAR and re3data, making it Plan S compliant and therefore the perfect platform for your publications and research data!


  • Comprehensive illustration of the scientific work, and the diverse activities at the University for Continuing Education Krems.
  • Publication platform for all UWK members for first and secondary publication of a wide variety of materials, their long-term archiving, improved findability and collection.
  • Service-oriented, uncomplicated and free publishing process through your university library. You can find more information about the process in the FAQ below.


There are hardly any restrictions regarding the type of publication. DOOR knows all common file formats.

  • Open access articles, e-books, conference proceedings, journals
  • Research data and supplementary materials
  • Marketing, working and teaching materials
  • AV media, images and much more

As part of our “Research database goes DOOR” project, we retroactively include open access publications you have registered in U7/Aurea in the repository in accordance with the licenses granted. At the same time, we use monitoring to ensure secondary publication of your current open access publications from scientific publishing houses in DOOR.


  • Uploading and publishing of your documents and publications to the repository.
  • Uploading of additional content such as datasets, audio or video files.
  • Assignment and transmission of DOIs and persistent identifiers.
  • Collecting and long-term archiving of your documents in one place in one filing system.
  • Increasing the findability and visibility of your publications as well as their citability.
  • Description of your documents with transmittable metadata and referencing your ORCID
  • Fulfillment of obligations to funding bodies (e.g. FWF)
  • Supporting of implementation of e-journals, conference papers and other publications
  • Actively offering publication services


I would like to add a document to the repository, what is the process?

We ask you to contact us at Please send us the object you want uploaded, including the desired keywording and eventual CC license. The library takes care of the upload and then sends you the link to your object. If you have a larger number of documents to upload, we can create an organization process and stucture together.

What data does the library need from me?

Your document will be described with a variety of metadata. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible quality when entering metadata. For individual objects submitted, the library can carry out metadata research; for larger amounts of objects (40+), we ask for your voluntary support.

How long does it take to upload my document?

Normally, your document will be uploaded on the day of transmission or the following day.

Can the upload be corrected later?

After uploading, you will receive the link to your object. If you discover an error or want to include additional information, please provide us with short notice; the metadata can be easily corrected - with the exception of the "License" field.

Can my document be deleted again?

In principle, documents can no longer be deleted after they have been uploaded, see Terms of Use. However, they can be “overwritten” with a new version or made unavailable for the public.

Can I request a DOI for my object?

We are happy to take care of this point for you too. The DOI can then be stored as an identifier in your object, similar to an ISBN.

What are “Collections”?

 “Collections” are a type of folder in which documents can be collected and referenced with each other in DOOR. We would be happy to create an organizational structure for your objects.

I would like to have a complete list of my publications in DOOR, but I cannot provide a document for legal reasons or similar.

A link to a publisher's website, etc. can also be displayed as a resource in the repository. DOOR then links to the page where your document can be downloaded or purchased.

Can I upload my documents myself?

The library offers to upload all your documents as a service. However, if you want to upload and maintain your documents yourself or for your organizational unit, an account can be created for you. Please contact us, after a brief schooling on how to work with the system (45-60min) you will receive your own account.

In which format should I submit my document?

DOOR recognizes all common formats; for text documents PDF files are recommended.

Should my text document have special formatting?

There are no specifications, but please keep in mind that DOOR automatically displays the first page of your document as thumbnail. A cover or front-page design is recommended.




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