• Graduation

    Academic Expert

  • ECTS-Points


  • Duration

    5 semesters

  • Start

    Winter semester 2025/26

  • Costs

    EUR 10.200,--

  • Admission requirements

    According to curriculum

  • Language


  • Study location

    Krems (AT)

The university course "Wound, Continence and Stoma Care" enables specialized competence expansion for qualified health and nursing care professionals in the care and counseling of individuals with chronic wounds, continence disorders, and stomas. Additionally, there is a deepening of competencies in patient counseling, organizing outpatient care units, quality development, case and care management, transitional care, and network coordination. This equips qualified health and nursing care professionals to structure and manage the interprofessional care process related to wound, stoma, and continence care.

The integrated approach in wound, continence and stoma care allows for efficient interprofessional collaboration, aiming at optimized treatment.

Martina Kuttig

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  • accredited/certified

  • research-led

  • practice-oriented

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