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The Education Center in the Heart of Europe

The Campus itself is a byword for, and a focus on student life for universities throughout the world. Since October 2005 Danube University Krems is also a campus university. Spanning an area of 34,000 square meters*, the campus is utilized jointly by Danube University Krems, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences. It is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, comfortable accommodations, a varied range of food services, and an arthouse cinema. Campus Krems offers the ideal environment for learning, research and living for more than 11,000 students and over 600 staff members.

Experience the unique ambience of Campus Krems!

Approximately EUR 56.4 million were invested in the new buildings which made Campus Krems Austria’s largest construction project in the education sector. Today, up to 9,000 students of Danube University Krems and of IMC FH Krems, learn and research on the university site.

Transparent Architecture

The design for the new buildings is the creation of Architekt Dietmar Feichtinger, who places a new facade of steel, glass and aluminium opposite the industrial building from the previous century. The model submitted by the Paris-based Austrian architect convinced the jury through its transparent structure and the harmonious integration of the existing building.

Feichtinger explains his concept as follows: "We have taken pains to incorporate the existing typologies and transparent structures. We have given attention to important aspects such as preserving the possibility to experience the surrounding vineyards, and thus merging existing structures and extensions into a functioning whole.” His concept integrates the comb-shaped structure of the historical tobacco factory and brings the industrial building face to face with a new façade of steel, glass and aluminum. Thus, the old and the new joint to form a successful and harmonious unit.

Feichtinger Architectes

Travel Connections

The Campus is conveniently connected to the public transport network.  Students and lecturers travelling by car can use the car park on the Campus.

"campus west"

In August 2008 the Campus was extended: The service center "campus west" complements existing services for students and the University staff in suitable ways providing a hotel, restaurants, a fashion house and hairdresser, a wellness and fitness center, office and training rooms, and a car park.

Waiting to be discovered at "campus west":

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