2nd - 10th December 2023 

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TARGET GROUP: The goal of the institute is to prepare student to judge pieces of media art and confront its criticism, for purposes of various festival and conferences selections, curated exhibitions, preparatory phase in restoration and conservation, promotion of artworks in catalog prefaces or media, criticism of artworks and exhibitions in critical contexts of newspapers, magazines and journals, as well as contemporary platforms as tweets, blogs, vlogs etc. 

DEADLINES Institute Application:  In-Person Participation  - October 1st 2023 (maximum 24 participants), Online Participation - November 15th 2023.  As part of the Masters Program in MediaArtsHistories, this institute is offered with automatic admission for MA students

DEADLINES Certified Program: Certified Program - August 1st 2023 (Applicants outside the EU are suggested to submit 3 months earlier

Staff at universities in Erasmus+ program countries may apply for Erasmus+ mobility funds. Contact the International Office at your home institution about staff training funds for travel and accommodation.

DESCRIPTION: Media Art is increasingly common in museums and archives, galleries and private collections, and other more unexpected places. However, this art form is threatened by significant loss due to rapid technological obsolescence and insufficient documentation strategies. The special needs required to care for this valuable and fragile heritage is slowly becoming obvious. Understanding the tenets of media art preservation is no longer a niche, but useful skills and knowledge in an expanding field.

To contribute to the development of this necessary expertise the Danube University Krems is pleased to offer a professional training institute introducing fundamental concepts for the preservation of media art. This workshop brings together knowledge and experience in conservation & documentation from experts in both academic, institutional and private practice. Interacting with a varied group of participants, the institute will facilitate a mix of clearly structured lectures, practical exercises and lively group discussions. Resource materials and deep investigation of case-studies enable future practical use.

The activities will give participants the opportunity to learn about the materials of media art, the risks for their preservation, and the strategies available for some of the specific media, such as audio, video interfaces or software. Participants will also learn about different methods and aims of documentation, and some of the varied approaches being used in the field.



The Media Arts Preservation Institute (MAPI) is an intensive module automatically included in the MediaArtsHistories Master of Arts program. By enrolling in the MA program, students participate in all modules, which include MAPI and the Media Arts Criticism Institute (MACI).

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