Open spots for joining the Living Danube Limes connecting cruise in Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania

Thank you for joining us for a unique adventure within the Interreg DTP Living Danube Limes project in 2022. Below you find information on our “connecting cruise” and you can register for that cruise.

Please note that the registration is preliminary and we will contact you in order to fix your place on the cruise.

The connecting cruise started in Germany in July and will end on October 19th 2022 in Romania. The “Danuvina Alacris”, which is a replica of a 4th century CE lusoria type ship, will cover about 40 km per day, which will be rowed. The crew consists of up to 24 rowers and two skippers. Participants come from all over the globe, thus the language on board is English. Every leg of the Danube is scheduled to last two weeks (see available dates below). You can either join in Roman clothes (no chainmail, helmet, swords, but only softkit) or modern clothes.

Festivals at selected sites accompany the cruise and experience has shown that the boat attracts lots of visitors every evening when anchoring.

Overnight stays are sometimes in hotels, but mostly in school buildings, facility halls or on camping sites in tents.

LDL-Karte Schiffstationen

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