The department's research focuses on the prevention of neurological diseases (in particular stroke, dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases) and their sequelae, as well as innovative therapeutic strategies in the restoration of neuronal functions. An important focus of research is the preservation of cognitive performance after stroke and the use of non-pharmacological therapeutic intervention in dementia patients.

Common to all centers in the Department is a focus on clinical neuroscience: in the case of neuroscience, one focus is stroke with a focus on consecutive cognitive impairment in the case of neurorehabilitation, the focus is on restoration of neural function and in the case of vascular prevention, the priority is preservation of cognitive and sensorimotor function in individuals with vascular risk factors. Dementia research focuses on dementia prevention and awareness.

The Department's research interests are complementary and focus on neuroscience research in cognition, sensorimotor function, and restoration of neural function. Several international collaborations exist in research and teaching, which is reflected in a variety of publications.

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