Grants and subsidies

In addition to general student financing, students with disabilities often have additional needs.

For example, there is often a disability-related additional need for living and/or studying. Further costs may arise due to necessary care or assistance. In individual cases, the additional financial outlay can lead to emergency situations that can jeopardize the student's academic success.

In Austria, there are therefore various funding agencies that support students with disabilities financially and by providing material and services.

The Disability Officer for Students will advise you on the internal and external funding opportunities available to you and support you in the application process.

Reduction of continuation charges

Students with a degree of disability determined by federal law to be at least 50% are subject to the minimum administrative fee of EUR 50.00. The department management approves the reduction to the minimum contribution upon presentation of the proof of the degree of disability.

  • The student has to submit the request in written form (mail, fax, e-mail) to the direct course management.
  • A valid proof of the degree of disability according to federal regulations with at least 50% must be enclosed.
  • The application for reduction of continuation charges can only be made for one semester at a time and must be re-submitted each semester if required.


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