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Biron, B.; Pospisil, B.; Huber, E.; Backfried, G.; Quirchmayr, G. (2023). Hass-Postings als Form der Cyber-Kriminalität – eine interdisziplinäre Verortung. In: Rüdiger, TG.; Bayerl, P.S., Handbuch Cyberkriminologie:, Springer VS, Wiesbaden

Seboeck, W.; Biron, B.; Lampoltshammer, T.J.; Scheichenbauer, H.; Tschohl, C.; Seidl, L. (2022). Disinformation and Fake News. In: Masys, A.J., Handbook of Security Science: 1-22, Springer, Cham

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Set a Fox to Keep the Geese? State Authorities Using Artificial Intelligence to Fight Fake News

The 9th GIS Annual Conference 2022 Surveillance, Security and State Institutions, 24.11.2022

SDG 16 and Transformational Governance: Fighting Climate Change Fake News using AI and Big Data

CloudEARTH Conference series, 19.05.2022

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