Admission to studies

In order to allow for admission, students must hold a Master`s degree (or equivalent) in medicine, dentistry, or in natural or technical sciences related to the field of regenerative medicine. Excellent English skills, both verbally and in writing, are also required.


Admission to the PhD program follows a two-stage process:

  • Announcement of third-party funded PhD positions
  • Selection procedure by the PhD Commission


PhD students are generally employed by third-party funding agencies (FWF reference rates) on the basis of funded research projects. The PhD Commission selects students on the basis of their application documents and after their presentation of their dissertation project.

Required documents for the application are:

- Curriculum vitae

- Proof of identity (passport, identity card)

- Final examination certificate

- Certificate of graduation, diploma or master's examination


Students are admitted to the program once all conditions have been met.

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